best free plagiarism checker for students

Top 10 best free plagiarism checker for students and professionals

Plagiarism is the #1 issue that content creators have to face on a day-to-day basis. You can write on a topic from scratch, but still, the content can have plagiarism.

Luckily, there is plagiarism checker software that helps to detect the plagiarized lines for you so that you can fix them without any trouble. And what’s great is that there are a few plagiarism checkers that you don’t even have to pay to use.

So, let’s go over a detailed discussion about plagiarism and also the top 10 best free plagiarism checkers that you can use.

Writers of The New Content always use pro versions of plagiarism tools. Using the pro versions of the following options is always preferable because it gives you more options. We recommend you to try the free versions first and find the one suitable for you before going pro.

Why Plagiarism Checker is important? 

Before we move on to the top 10 free plagiarism checker lists, you should know why it’s vital for you to use these tools. 

A plagiarism checker helps to detect if your content matches with other writer’s content, which can create a lot of issues if it remained unchecked. You should know that not all the plagiarized lines are intentional.

You can write an entire article about any topic, and some of the lines can show plagiarism. No matter how good of a writer you may be, that issue can still bug you.

And that’s where the checker tools come into play. You can just have to write it down and copy the whole thing into the tool. Then, it’s going to show you which line is causing the issue for you.

There are a lot of free online plagiarism checker with percentages available out in the market. Those help you to get unique content for your website, assignments, or anywhere else.

And again, the implementation is super simple and fast. You just have to copy the whole thing and press a button. The tool will compare the lines with thousands of other lines and show you the end result. 

For some of the free tools, you’ll be able to see just the percentage. They don’t show you the exact line that is causing the issue. We’ll talk about it more in-depth in the next sections.

But it’s very vital for you to use a good plagiarism detector for your content. If you don’t use one, you are more likely to get a copyright strike, which is something you don’t want to get. That’s why it’s critical to be careful in the first place.

Other than that, these tools can help you with bad citations as well. If you work with academic content, you know how much a bad citation can mess things up for you. Thus, it’s very crucial for you to use a plagiarism detector tool here.

You should always perform a check before you submit any of your contents in that case. That will allow you to fix any of the sentences that are plagiarized and make it completely original content for you. 

That is a very critical thing whether you are a content marketer, a writer, a website owner, or even a student. All of these fields need 100 percent unique and original content.

So, make sure to go for a good plagiarism tool and use it to your advantage from now. But of course, not all the tools out there are going to give you accurate results as they are not built the same. 

In the next sessions, we’ll talk about some of the best free plagiarism tools that you can use for your content. But take note that you are far better off paying a little extra money to get the premium versions. That is going to be vital for you if you want to play a long game.

Top 10 best free plagiarism checker for students

There are a lot of free plagiarism detection tools that you can find on the internet. But obviously, not every single one of them is made well. Some don’t even check any plagiarism at all. And some will show you a decent amount of plagiarism, which is nice.

If you want to use free plagiarism checking tools, let’s go over the top 10 ones that you can use.

1. Quetext

The first free plagiarism checking tool that we are going to look at is Quetext. It is undoubtedly the best free tool that you can use to check your content.

Why is Quetext great? Obviously, because it’s 100 percent safe. You know that security is a huge issue for content owners. Your whole content can get stolen if you use the wrong tool, which has poor security strength. 

However, with Quetext, you don’t have to worry about a thing about security. Another great thing about Quetext is that it shows more plagiarism than most other free tools out in the market. 

The downside of using Quetext is that it has a limited free trial. You can only check 3 times and only 500 words each time. That’s a big obligation of using this amazing plagiarism checker tool.

Nonetheless, it’s by far the best free tool that you can use to check your content. And if you can afford it, go for their premium payment plan. Quetext is undoubtedly the best premium plagiarism detection tool as well. 


  • Better than other free plagiarism checking tools
  • 100 percent free
  • Very easy to use
  • Detects a good amount of plagiarism
  • Sleek design


  • Only free trial

2. Easybid

The next free plagiarism checker that we are going to be looking at is Easybid. It’s a premium plagiarism checking tool, but you can try its free trial.

It gives pretty accurate results when it comes to plagiarism detection. Another great thing about it is that you can just copy and paste your content into the box. From then, all you need is one click, and that’s all you need to do. What do you think is more simple and convenient than that?

Yet, it has a downside as well, which might be something you should know. You’d have to give your credit card information and sign up for their 3 days trial. After 3 days, you won’t be able to use it without paying. But of course, you can cancel it anytime if you feel you don’t like it.

It’s a great free tool that you can use to check your content. But if you can afford it, you should go for the premium version to get all the features unlocked for you.


  • Very easy to use
  • Wonderful design
  • Detailed results
  • Detects plagiarism pretty well


  • You have to put your credit card information
  • Only a 3-day free trial

3. Plagscan

This is another great free plagiarism checker tool that you can use for your content. It shows very accurate results that are the main purpose of checking in the first place.

And the Plagscan is very secure so that your content has the maximum security against any kind of threat. That way, you don’t have to worry about your content getting stolen by any third party. That’s a vital thing to look out for in any tools that you are going to use for your content.

Another great thing about Plagscan is its award-winning interface. It’s very easy to use, which makes it a very easy and convenient option for you in general. Also, it’s undoubtedly the best free online plagiarism checker for students as well.

The downside with Plagscan is that it offers a free trial of 2000 words only. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the best plagiarism checker tools that you can get for your content. So, if you want to spend a little money on premium tools, Plagscan will be a worthwhile investment for you to make.


  • Shows accurate results
  • Very secure
  • Easy to use
  • Award-winning interface


  • Only a free trial for 2000 words

4. Plagramme

Plagramme is another amazing free plagiarism checker tool that you can use to get accurate results. Know that you are not going to get the most accurate if you are only using the free version. But if you choose to buy the pro version, it’s a great tool that gets you the most accurate results.

The big downside to the free version of Plagramme is that it’s going to show only the percentage of plagiarism in your article. You can use it for a lot of scenarios as well.

But if you want to get more precise and detailed results, the free version is not going to be enough in that case. You must spend a bit of money and get the pro version to get all the features of this amazing plagiarism checker tool.

The premium version is actually better than most other premium tools that you’ll find on the internet. So, you can go for it without any hesitation if you want a good premium plagiarism detector tool for you.


  • It gives you very accurate results
  • 100 percent free
  • Very easy to use


  • Shows only the percentage

5. Copyleaks

If you are searching for a 100 percent free plagiarism checker tool, Copyleaks might be the perfect fit for you in that case. It is a decent free tool that you can use to check your content and see if there is any basic plagiarism in it or not.

The interface is very simple and to the point. And the Copyleaks is designed mostly for students to check if their work is 100 percent unique or not. That makes it the perfect plagiarism checker tool for students as well.

However, it’s not going to give you the most accurate plagiarism detection that you might be searching for. But if you just want a basic check, Copyleaks can help you get it without any trouble.

But if you are serious about your content, you must spend some money and buy a premium version of plagiarism detector tools. That’s a vital thing that you are going to need to save you in the long run.


  • It’s completely free of charge
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for students


  • Doesn’t detect as much plagiarism

6. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the most amazing 100 percent free plagiarism checker tools out there. You’ll like how simple but effective the interface is. You can just copy the text from your content and click on a button. It’s going to check it for you, and you don’t have to do any extra hassle.

Also, it detects pretty good plagiarism if you compare it to other free tools. The results are pretty accurate, and if you want a basic free checker tool, Small SEO Tools might be the best one for you in that case.

Yet, it has some drawbacks as well. The first thing is that you can only check a thousand words per check. That means that you need to copy and paste the text multiple times if it’s a long text. That can take a long time to finish up the whole process.

Another thing about this tool is that there are just so many ads popping everywhere. That can be very annoying and distractive most of the time for you. But if you want a basic tool that’s a hundred percent free, you are going to love this tool.


  • Better than a lot of free tools
  • Easy to use
  • Shows some accurate plagiarism detection


  • Only 1000 words per check
  • Annoying ads

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular tools that check the grammar of your content and fixes it for you. It features a free plagiarism detector tool as well.

But the plagiarism detection is not that good on Grammarly plagiarism checker. Another big downside of it is that it only shows the percentage of plagiarism in your content. So if you are looking for a thorough analysis, you are not going to benefit much from the free Grammarly tool.

Other than that, if you can benefit from the percentage, you can use it by all means. It’s very simple to use, and you can check files and documents there without any limit. And the design and the interface of the tool is super sleek that you are going to love it.

So, if that’s something you find helpful, you can use the Grammarly plagiarism tool for yourself. But don’t bother buying the premium version. There are so many better tools that you can get with that same money. 


  • Easy interface
  • Just copy and paste
  • Unlimited free checks


  • Just shows the percentage

8. Search Engine Reports

Search engine reports is another free plagiarism checker tool that you can use for your content. However, it’s not the best tool that you can use for detecting plagiarism in your content; that’s for sure.

But the best thing about this free tool is that it offers you maximum security. They claim that they delete your content after you check it in the tool, which reduces the risk of your content getting stolen. That’s a very vital thing you need to be careful about whether you are using a free tool or a premium tool as well.

Another thing that’s great is that there are no usage limits for checking the content. That means that you can get unlimited checks all day long without any trouble. But you should know that it’s better for smaller content. That’s because it checks the exact same Google pattern.

The downside of this tool is that it has a lot of annoying ads everywhere that can be very destructive from time to time. Also, the results show in references and not by line to line. That’s pretty complicated to understand, as nothing is highlighted. 


  • Very strong security
  • No usage limit whatsoever
  • Good for smaller contents
  • 100 percent free tool


  • Lots of annoying ads
  • Very complicated results

9. Turnitin

Turnitin is another great plagiarism detection tool that you can use. It’s not free of cost, but you can use their free trial to check your content.

If you use the Turnitin free trial, you’ll get pretty accurate results using it. Also, it’s very easy to use, and you’ll be able to use it without any issue. Another thing about Turnitin is that it is perfect for teachers and students. 

But of course, if you want to use it to its maximum effectiveness, you need to spend some money and get the premium version of Turnitin for yourself. The pro version is very amazing, and you can use it to get a very thorough check of your content.

So, if you want to try it out for a bit, you can always go for the trial version. That’s not going to need you to spend any money whatsoever. And if you like it, then you can put your money and move on any further.


  • Gives accurate results
  • Very easy to use
  • Very secured
  • Checks very thoroughly


  • One free trial expires you have to pay

10. Edubirdie

Edubirdie is another popular plagiarism checker that you can use for free as well. It has a pretty good interface and a nice design.

The thing about Edubirdie is that you can get a fast and easy result of the check. Also, it gives you pretty decent results as well.

The main issue with Edubirdie is security. You should be concerned about the security of your content if you choose to use Edubirdie free tools.

They can steal and sell your content to any third party, which can create a lot of trouble for you. So, if you can, you should avoid using this free version by all means.

But you have to understand that it doesn’t even give a good and accurate result as well. S, you are better off avoiding the tool in the first place. Consider using other free tools if you need to. And if you can afford it, get a premium version of plagiarism tools. That’s the best option for you whatsoever.


  • Very easy to use
  • Gives an easy to understand the result
  • Detects small number of plagiarism in your content


  • The security is not strong

Why Should You Buy the Pro Version of Plagiarism Checkers

If you are serious about your content and want it to be 100 percent original and unique, you must buy the pro version of the plagiarism detecting tools. The free tools work to a certain point. But when it comes to accuracy and convenience, there is no other way than spending a few bucks on the pro version.

There are a lot of extra features that you’ll get in a pro version, which you’ll not get in a free version typically. Let’s go over some of the features that make investing in the pro version vital for you.


Accuracy is the #1 reason why you need to buy the premium version of the tool. A free detection tool can never give you accurate results when it comes to plagiarism.

Yes, some will show a few plagiarisms, which is very impressive. But that’s definitely not enough when you are looking for the most accurate results in that case. Thus, most of the plagiarisms of your content will simply stay undetected.

You see, the free tools are not powerful enough to go through and compare thousands of thousands of patterns all over the internet. Which gives you sloppy statistics overall.

Yet, if you spend just a few bucks to get the premium version, you’ll get very good accuracy and convenience. And the premium tools will give you results that show it line by line.

That way, you can fix it without having to go through a whole paragraph. You can just fix the sentence that shows plagiarism, and you’ll be good to go.

If you want accuracy in plagiarism detection, there is no other way for you than getting the pro version of the tool. So, make sure to invest in it. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.


This is one of the most vital things that you need to be mindful of before anything else. The security of your content is undoubtedly the most critical thing. 

If you are using a free tool, you have a higher risk of your content getting stolen. Free tools do not give you even the tiniest bit of security that you need. You can check your content there, but there’s no guarantee that your content hasn’t been copied from somewhere else.

You can imagine how dangerous the whole thing can get. If someone else publishes your content before you, your content can get a copyright strike when you publish it on your site. That can cause a lot of issues. 

The worst-case scenario, in that case, is that your whole site can get deleted from the server. I hope you can see the threat there.

That’s why you must invest in the premium version of plagiarism checkers, and that’s not optional. These give pretty good security, which is a very vital thing for you overall.

You see, when it comes to the security of your content, you don’t want to take any chances. So, make sure to get the premium version of your plagiarism checker to avoid any kind of security issue.

Ease of Use

The free plagiarism tools are pretty hard to use. There are ads all over the place in most cases. And the word limit makes it very hard to work with them faster. Another great issue with the free tools is that it takes t

On the other side, the premium version of these tools removes such barriers. That gives you utter ease of use. You don’t have to wait for the results, which can be very annoying sometimes. And also, you won’t get the distracting ads in the premium versions of the tools.

You can just copy the text of your content to the tool and click one button to get the job done. Some of the tools even have features to check your whole webpage with just one click. 

That’s very impressive as your website can have up to 10000 pages at times. That makes it so much easier for you, and it saves your time and energy as well.

Also, most of the premium versions use layouts that are very easy to follow. So that you don’t have to face any issues while using this plagiarism checker. The sleek and convenient design is very helpful and functional.

Amazing For Team and Companies

Let’s get real for a moment; you can’t work with your colleagues with a free plagiarism tool. But the premium versions of the tool have features that let you work with the team and editors as well. You can already tell how useful that can be for managing the whole thing.

Another great thing that most premium plagiarism checker tools offer is the group buy. That lets the smaller team of workers work with ease. If you have a small team of writers, that’s perfect for you. Or if you just want the premium feature for cheaper, you can just team up with people to buy it. 

Also, the bigger agencies and companies crave the system of working in chains. The premium tools are perfect for them as they can monitor the whole team as they can connect each other’s accounts together.

Greater Details

This is where things get a little more interesting. The premium tools give you way more detailed results than the free tool can possibly give. 

You see, the free tool only shows a moderate amount of results anyways. And in some cases, you’ll only see the percentage of plagiarism in the content. That’s not very useful in most cases, which you can tell without any doubt.

Yet, the premium tools will give you more accurate and extensive results, which will help you to do more analysis on the whole thing much better. And of course, you’ll get a line-by-line result so that you can just rewrite the plagiarized sentence individually to fix the whole thing.

And additionally, you can check the source that your content matches with the most. That way, you can rewrite the whole thing to make it more unique and original.

Better Customer Service

You can’t get a good customer service experience in the free plagiarism detector tools. That can create a lot of frustration if something bugs you.

But that’s not the case for the premium versions. You’ll get exceptional customer service if you buy the pro version of the tool. They are bound to give you better service so that you are satisfied.

That’s very helpful if you have any kind of trouble or confusion with the tool. You can just contact them, and they will help you to fix your issue as fast as they can.

Extra Features

Most of the premium plagiarism checker tools don’t only give basic plagiarism detection. These offer so many different features as well that you can use for your benefit.

But you won’t get any extra features with a free tool. And if you get it, it’s more likely not that accurate in the first place. That’s why you should never trust these extra features of the free plagiarism detector tools.

So, that’s another reason to invest in the pro version of plagiarism checker tools for yourself. Be sure that you’ll not regret spending your money on it as that’s well worth it.


We just went through a lot of discussions on plagiarism, and we went over the top 10 list of the best free plagiarism checkers as well.  

As you saw, using free plagiarism software is not the best thing you can do for your content. But if you want a basic check, these 10 tools can make things a lot easier for you.

You can tell how vital checking your to the extent is. A 100 percent unique content is that thing that is going to take you to the top. So, be sure to use the plagiarism checking tools to make your content the best for your website.

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